Let’s Celebrate This Memorial Day with a Special 15% Discount

Let’s Celebrate This Memorial Day with a Special 15% Discount

It takes a spine of steel, brick strong heart and a character that oozes patriotism, compassion and national superiority to stand on guard against the enemies and their malign objectives and intentions to protect the lives and interest of its fellow countrymen and women.

This Memorial Day let’s recall the chivalry and chauvinism of all the martyrs, their devotion, honor and sacrifice that they have so blatantly given in the name of our country and its freedom. We cannot bring them back from the confines of a coffin and the particles of the soil they’ve been reduced to, but we sure can remember their love and devotion to the country by serving our undying gratitude in their name and extending our support to their families.

Memorial Day Furniture Sale

Pankour is too offering its condolences and sincere gratitude to the heroes of the country by offering Memorial Day Furniture Sale to its customers. We take pride in calling ourselves as the citizens of America because of the people who have stood head-to-head against the enemy nation, fighting all odds and crossing all leaps and bounds to make United States the country it is today. We salute the heroism and the unparalleled courage of the heroes of the nation who have fought and are still fighting on country’s behalf. Let’s not forget that it is predominantly because of the heroes who have served to hold our flag high that we are breathing in a country that is not only free but also thriving.

Watering the seed of our country’s freedom tree with their blood, the heroes that are far beyond the luxuries of the world, the warmth of their homes and the love of their families, Pankour is playing their part in this federal holiday through their business operation with open arms by hand-outing Memorial Day Furniture Deals to not only its esteemed customers, but also the citizens of this free nation. Consider it our way of respecting this holiday and recalling those who are not there with us anymore.  Each year this day, the lives of men and women who have served in the military are honored and celebrated by paying tribute to them; historical events and local celebrations all over the country are held remembering those who have given their lives for the sake of the nation.

This Memorial Day let the military veterans and personnel currently serving this country know that you really appreciate their service to the country by sending them a care package in the form of a piece of furniture to adorn their home as a token of appreciation and gratitude. Pankour is with you in this endeavour with a special Home Furniture Sales on Memorial Day. Get the living room and dining room chairs, tables and furniture accessories at a special 15% off discount on all orders. Use the promo code Memorial18 to avail the discount on the items you purchase.

This Memorial Day let’s bring warmth to the lives of those who live in unbearable living conditions so that we can continue to get the warmth to survive in this world.

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