ZuoModern: The History of the Modern Brand.

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Founded in 2005 owners Luis Ruesga (CEO) and Steve Poon (COO); 2 visionaries in the industry came together with the idea to create contemporary designs for modern spaces. Both Luis and Steve having worked in the furniture industry for many years before beginning ZUO; began by offering a few styles and handling the business from showcasing their products and selling and shipping themselves. 

Through hardwork and determination, the business grew and stayed profitable to now expanded its offerings to include 4 distinctive collections while celebrating amilestone of 201 employees within 5 Countries during 2016.

As a wholesale manufacturer, open to the trade- ZUO believes in offering their unique approach to the industry. “Stylish designs don’t have to cost a fortune. And you don’t have to search over countless sites, catalogs and brands to find what you are looking for. We are a truly one stop shop. Modern to Industrial, Contemporary to Rustic; ZUO offers fun and affordable furniture for any design applications. We believe furniture is Fashion for every design and passion!”

ZUO USA corporate office in San Leandro, CA invokes a casual, relaxed atmosphere; where each team member strives at great customer service to every single account or consumer they encounter. From upper management, to the 50 Sales reps, each hardworking customer service manager and warehouse staff, gives one the feel ofa warm family run business; whose owners Luis & Steve still work hand and hand in daily operations; while truly caring about each and every member.

From the very beginning CEO Luis Ruesga’s company approach is simple. Every client new or established, whether they are a small company or large retailer, small designer or larger firm; you are equally important to ZUO. ZUO will happily provide all the tools needed to grow your business and exceed your client’s expectations. If there is ever an issue, we will work with you to solve it. ZUO is a family and so are its customers.

Furthersuccess is accomplished by exceeding expectations and in offering shippingin-stock items within 24 hours to vendor’s client, ecommerce companies, retailers, or designers. Encouraging customers to depend on ZUO and to meettheir client’s needs. ZUO’s experience and expanded successful business modelin offering direct ship container or special order products has increased their growth and exposure as companies now distribute throughout USA, Mexico & Canada and now throughout South America and beginning distribution in Europe. ZUO is proud to stock and sell cool innovative products that are unique to the furniture market. Concisely, celebrating a 12 year history of challenging fashion norms by offering fashionable furniture affordable to any demographic. Eachquarter we launch 100-300 new items from our MODERN,PURE, VIVE, ERA combining bold looks that fit any application; dining &bar, living or bed rooms; homes to offices, restaurants and commercial spaces, hotels or resorts or anything in between. Our on stop shop approach gives everyoneretailer and designer amazing products to sell and every consumer to enjoy.

 “Modern” collection embraces all trends contemporary, sleek, clean and modern for fashionable living, bar or dining and living or guest rooms, bedroom and offices. Glass and chrome are just as much at home as the Mid Century warm woods whereas the outstanding features of innovative textured fabrics and on spot trends, bring fun pops of color and mix creative patterns. The mixed media of faux concrete, metal and glass or electroplated finishes make for exciting new additions to our complete modern collection.

“Pure”collection encompasses our floor, table and ceiling lighting; with influences and styles that support rustic or industrial, contemporary to more traditional and even original designs that lend to a more modern home or esthetic. Included in our expansive Pure collection are accents ranging from mirrors, teak wood accent pieces and rugs for every room’s passion or fashion.

“Vive”collection is by far our customer favorite as we have created a comprehensive and revolutionary outdoor product line. Highly durable materials such as UV guardedresins, galvanized aluminum frames, weather protective fabrics are the foundations on today’s most popular new room: the outdoors! From Dining to Bar, Outdoor Sofa’s, Sectionals and Chaise Lounges, in a multitude of styles you will relax in style and affordable comfort. Newly introduced Fire-pits and Landscape lighting with stools, geodes, planters and floor lamps add a touch of sophistication and prolong enjoyment for your outdoor spaces. Perfect for residential or contact applicationsthe VIVE collection offers an amazing style at unbeatable prices bringing the lookand feel of resort living to everyday designs.

“Era”collection pays its homage to French Provencal, British Antiquity, and the New Industrial–chic. From case-goods, to upholstery and arm chairs, dining or bar furniture and lighting and rustic accent pieces; you can apply Era to any room in the home for a small splash of another era, or remake the entire project to reflect a full historical design statement! 

Zuo Modern
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